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ekoparty 12 Talks - Online

We just finished uploading all the eko12 talks, they are online and ready for you!

The talks are organized in 3 lists:

- English talks:

- Spanish talks:

- Playlist with all talks together:


Eko 12 - Pre-CTF!


Saturday 1st October 15:00 GMT (12:00 Argentine Time)

Saturday 8th October 15:00 GMT (12:00 Argentine Time)

Saturday 15th October

Four security problems will be published on the main site of the EKOPARTY's CTF (ctf.ekoparty.org) on the 
right date, this problems could be resolved offline and each of them will have a punctuation. 

More accumulated points and fastest answer to the problems, will give you more chance to win free tickets to the conference!

It's necessesary that you send us a mail to ekoparty@null-life.com with the following mandatory fields filled (the absense of a a filled field will be traduced to a problem without solution and without score):
  1. Títle: Pre-Eko problem solution [Problem Name]
  2. Answer.
  3. Solution: Steps to find the solution.
  4. Procedure screenshots: screenshots that verify the solution of the problem.

Ekoparty will give 5 free conference tickets. They will be elegible for 1 person (the leader of a winner team or a individual winner). Not refundable. Non transferable.

We look forward to your participation!

EKOLABS 2016 - Call for Tools Opened!

In this opportunity ToolsWatch will come to South America, invited by ekoparty security conference. It will be their first time here and we will work together to bring great tools in an area named: EKOLABS.
As you know the concept is very simple, the EKOLABS tool area is dedicated for independent researchers and the open source community. We will provide kiosks complete with monitor, power, and wired Internet access and you will bring your machine to showcase your work and answer questions from delegates attending ekoparty security conference.
It is with great pleasure that we announce the launch of the Call for Tool for this first edition of EKOLABS held at the Ciudad Cultural Konex, Buenos Aires, Argentina  October 26-28, 2016 

The same old rules to consider before applying:
  • Bring your computer (consider video outputs HDMI/VGA), your tool, your stickers, your t-shirts …
  • As speaker you will have one (1) full ticket for the conference.
  • EKOPARTY won’t pay your accommodation and flights for the conference.
  • Avoid stodgy keynotes. Folks are expecting action. So give’em action.
  • No vendor pitches!
  • Be yourself, be cool, and wear a smile.
  • Hug the folks at the EKOLABS :)
  • Above all, have Tremendous Fun !!
If you think you can survive these rules and want to give your tool a chance to shine, the time is now! Applications for EKOLABS will be accepted until Monday 3, October 2016, with rolling acceptances until that date.



Created by the Kali Linux development team, this event will consist of two, 90 minute, back-to-back workshops where we will take you on a unique journey through Kali Linux and provide rare insights into the powerful features available in our advanced penetration-testing platform. The Kali Dojo will include hands on instructions for creating your own custom Kali Linux ISOs and creating a bootable Kali Linux live USB install – transforming it into an effective hardware backdoor, or a secure encrypted pentesting platform. If you’ve ever wished for proficiency with Kali Linux, these workshops are for you.

Workshop #1: Rolling Your Own - Generating Custom Kali Linux ISOs

One of the most powerful features of Kali Linux is the ability to create your own flavors of the distribution containing customized tools, desktop managers, and services. This workshop will show you how to create your own personalized Kali Linux ISO, customizing virtually every aspect using the live-build utility and making efficient use of the various meta-packages available in Kali. Ever wanted to create a non-root, KDE version of Kali which would self-install? This workshop is for you. At the end of this workshop attendees will understand and independently build complex Kali images, such as the Kali Linux ISO of Doom.

Workshop #2: Kali Linux on USB - Encryption, Persistence and multiple stores

The Kali Live hybrid ISO allows for directly booting via USB, making it a perfect portable tool. However, Kali Linux live USB installs are more than meets the eye - they also support encrypted storages with multiple persistent stores. Once you've made your custom Kali ISO, learn how to make the perfect, encrypted USB environment which supports multiple disk profiles. Want to learn how to make a Kali Linux Live USB with multiple encrypted persistence stores which support LUKS Nuke? This workshop is for you. Please be sure to bring a bootable USB stick with you!


For both workshops, we require attendees to bring a laptop with a *fully updated*, 64bit Kali Linux Rolling installation. In addition, you *must have a wired networking option*, so bring a USB network adapter if you need one. Both workshops will be hands-on, allowing you to work through the examples using the system you bring. Space in each session is limited, seating on a first-come, first-served basis.

About the instructor

Mati Aharoni is the founder and a core developer of the Kali Linux project, and plays the role of a Kali developer at Offensive Security. For the past several years, Mati has been developing a curriculum designed for users who wish to make the most out of the Kali Linux operating system. By bringing together several advanced features in the Kali OS and projecting them into useful and practical scenario based exercises, the Kali Linux workshop was born. The workshop is designed to be a fast-paced, crash course to some of the most advanced features in the distribution, giving attendees the ability and freedom to bend Kali Linux to fit their needs.

Dates and duration

The workshop will be held on October 26th and repeated the 27th during Ekoparty as a side activity


Ekoparty Security Conference
Centro Cultural Konex, Sarmiento 3131
Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Argentina 


Included with your ticket to ekoparty security conference

Don’t lose this opportunity! 

Register at

Questions? Contact us


ekoparty: Call for Papers 2016! Time extension!

------------------------BEGIN TRANSMISSION--------------------

**ekoparty security conference 2016 Call for Papers! Time Extension!**

ekoparty security conference
Training October 24-25, 2016
Conference October 26-28, 2016
Buenos Aires

We are really proud to announce the 12th annual edition of the Ekoparty Security Conference.

Once again, in this unique event, security specialist from all over Latin America and the world will have the chance to get acquainted with the most important research from this year.

Ekoparty has become the most important technical conference in Latin America, which keeps offering the deepest knowledges in the field. In this year's edition of ekoparty, we are expecting to bring together more than 3000 security specialists.

During the 3-day high voltage lectures, you also can enjoy activities like our famous LOCKPICKING VILLAGE, the WIFI ATTACK LABORATORY, a WARDRIVING around the City, free WORKSHOPS, the most important CAPTURE THE FLAG in Latin America and not forgetting of course, our amazing parties!

Again in this twelveth edition:

* ekoparty will recognize the achievements of Latin American researchers, along with the best research projects. Stay tuned!

The ekoparty organization team is kindly inviting anyone who is interested in showing and sharing their research and/or developments in the field of Information Security.

**Suggested Topics**

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • 0 days
  • Satellite Hacking
  • Web Security
  • Privacy
  • Embedded Systems Technologies
  • GSM, GPRS and CDMA Security
  • RFID Security
  • VoIP Security
  • Lockpicking
  • Wireless Security
  • Exploitation
  • IPv6 Security
  • Attack and Defense Techniques
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Application Security, Testing, Fuzzing
  • Code Auditing
  • Virtualization Security
  • Malicious Code
  • Databases Security
  • Packet Pungas
  • Viruses, Worms, and Trojans
  • e-crime, Phishing and Botnets
  • Malware, Crimeware
  • e-voting madness
  • Banking Security
  • Phreaking
  • Unit 61398 Asado techniques
  • Hardware hacking
  • Cryptography
  • Forensics & AntiForensics

* All the lectures are going to be simultaneously translated in both English and Spanish breaking any language barrier.

Consideration will be given first to ORIGINAL work and content that has not been duplicated at any other security or networking conference prior to October 1st, 2016. Submissions with video links will be given preference.

**submission types**

  • Full length talks (50 minutes)
  • Turbo talks (20 minutes)
  • Hands-on Workshops (120 minutes)
  • Trainings (1 or 2 days)

* Speakers including a Hands-on Workshop proposal earn extra points in the CFP.

**important dates**

  • April 22 - CFP is Open
  • August 22 - CFP is Closed
  • August 23 - CFP Time Extension! NEW
  • September 12 - Notification to Authors
  • October 24 & 25 - ekoparty trainings
  • October 26, 27 & 28 - ekoparty security conference

**speakers benefits**

  • Round-trip airfare ticket
  • Accommodation
  • ekoparty's ASADO (BBQ)
  • Extra ticket to the conference

**trainer benefits**

  • 50% net profit of the Training
  • 3 days accommodation
  • ekoparty's ASADO (BBQ)
  • Ticket to the conference

**extra activities**

We are looking for new activities to be performed in parallel to the conference. Send us your proposal to: organizacion@ekoparty.org

Submit your abstract here:

Questions? Email cfp at ekoparty dot org


Welcome to the new edition of the most important latin american security competence, the CTF of EKOPARTY 2016, organized by https://null-life.com/

This year will be new improvements and charasteristics in the technologic platform, that you will enjoy on the competence during the event.

The schedule is as follows:

Pre-Challenges - 1/10/2016 12:00 - 8/10/2016 12:00
The top three will win tickets for the conference

Capture The Flag - 26/10/2016 17:00 - 28/10/2016 17:00
Learn and have fun with the best of the world!

As it was the last year, you can found security problems related to the following topics:

● Computer forensics
● Reverse Engineering
● Exploitation
● Networking
● Web Application Security
● Mobile Application Security

Join us!