Ekoparty 2020 Speaker Manual

In this page we explain how to register as a speaker in Pinetool.

Hello Speaker, your time has come! You will soon be receiving an invitation to the Pinetool platform via email, from which you can register and associate your two profiles: speaker and conference attendee. You can switch between both profiles when necessary.

1. You'll get an email like this one:

2. Click on "Get Access".

3. Enter the Ekoparty event:

4. You made it to the Speaker's Hub! Complete your profile and remember that the more data you add, the more information the participants will have when choosing your talk.

5. In the "Sessions" tab you can see your pending sessions. If your talk was recorded, you should access this section for the Q&A segment using the "Go To Backstage" button. A new tab will open.

6. Once inside the backstage, you can enable your camera and microphone to start the Q&A session. As soon as the option "End Session" appears it means that you are already live. You will also see a red button that says "Live".

On the right side you will see three tabs:

- INFO: Data of the current session
- Q&A: List of pending questions to answer.
- CHAT: General chat of the session. If you want to save a question from the chat so that it doesn't get lost, you can add it to the Q&A section with a right click.

Las preguntas de la audiencia aparecen en el sector derecho, en la pestaña Q&A.

Una vez que termine tu sesión, podés volver al inicio de Pinetool para seguir tu recorrido por la Ekoparty 2020. ¡Gracias por ser parte de nuestra conferencia!

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