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About Ekoparty

Ekoparty has been held every year in Buenos Aires, Argentina, since 2001. It emerged as an underground hacking event and, keeping its spirit, grew to become the meeting point for the infosec community in Latin America.

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This year we have three days of talks, Workshops, Red Team, Blue Team, Bug Bounty, Mobile Hacking, DevSecOps, Lockpicking, Legal Hacking, Social Engineering and more. These activities are community contributions. You can participate as a listener or speaker!

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Why Ekopery

Did you hear a lot about our conference but are not sure if it's the right place for you? Would you like to learn more about what happens at Ekoparty? Here are some reasons why we are the biggest (and coolest) hacking conference in Latin America - and why you should attend!

#Eko2020  Online

La edición 2020 tuvo lugar del 24 al 26 de septiembre. Reviví las charlas >>

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