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About the ekoparty

The ekoparty takes place annually in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. In this event, attendees, guests, specialists and references on the subject from all around the world, have the opportunity to engage with the latest technological innovations, vulnerabilities and tools, in a relaxed environment of knowledge sharing.

“The most important conference about computer security of Latin America”

The idea of holding an event with these characteristics arose in the underground circuit of IT, but over the editions, positioned itself as the largest and most prestigious security technical conference in Latin America. As well as having relevance at international level and have a broad technical audience specialized, the ekoparty offers trainings taught by the most recognized professionals of the market, parallel activities and challenges.

“The talks are translated in realtime between english and spanish”

ekoparty security conference

It allows consultants, official of security, researchers, programmers, technicians, system administrators, nerds, curious and technology enthusiasts gather and enjoy the most important discoveries in the field of computer security.

“Meet and enjoy the most important discoveries in computer security.”



ekoparty organizer founder. SysAdmin.
AKA +GiBa.


ekoparty organizer founder. Base4 Security Owner.


ekoparty organizer founder. Infobyte owner.


ekoparty organizer founder. Base4 Security Owner.


ekoparty organizer founder. Infobyte owner.




Mariano Bruno

Why are we different?

In addition to providing a unique space for the exchange of knowledge, ekoparty provides a series of dynamic and relaxed activities, related to playfulness and computer security.

The ekoparty is characterized by its conferences and relaxed atmosphere. For this reason, we provide to the attendees the GetTogether at the end of the first day, and the AfterCon Party’s closure at the end of the week.

  • Lockpicking challenge
  • Wardriving in Buenos Aires
  • Wargames
  • Relaxing area
  • Exhibition and activities related to the digital art
  • Time for GetTogether
  • Promotion of the social network

Attitude. The Argentine hackers, mostly young men, in recent years have abandoned their "underground" attitude and replaced it by an "activism without borders" [...]

The best known of the "under world" is the ekoparty, which was held recently in Buenos Aires and attended by hackers recognized in six countries in the region.

Heads of corporative security and systems students are here, in ekoparty. And they argue about how to access external systems and how to defend them from possible attacks. There are also some talks. [...]

What unites the audience is the intention to share knowledge on the latest vulnerabilities of all kinds of systems, from operatives for PC and even game consoles.

The very good organization by its members did they realize that they really knew how to make an international conference with great effort and enthusiasm. An event like this makes that many eyes are placed in Argentina and the ekoparty takes international importance to remain at the level of other security conferences...

An event of international level with foreign and local speakers, guests from Latin America and all around the world. The topics to be treated, discussions and direct participation of the public are chosen with excellence. This is the profile of a different computer security conference, where the commercial is aside and finally technology, information, and fun are the protagonists.