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Trashing like it’s 1999 - Unsolicited forensics on GPS trackers

Hidden in a dark corner, in the bottom shelf of a huge rack full of old industrial cooking equipment, luminaires, and other weird objects, a bucket full of secrets was awaiting to be found. Who would have imagined that what was once destined to die as landfill, would finally end up revealing the secrets of one of the biggest food distribution networks in Argentina.

Join me in this journey of discovery, guided by the will to unveil the secrets hidden in these devices, that will make you think: what else are we ignoring that leaves scary details of our lives/companies dumped in the trash?

During this talk I will walk you through the process I took, from doing an initial assessment, analyzing the potential threat vectors, trying and failing multiple times, then failing again, until in the end simplicity was the key. While we travel this path together, I will talk about embedded MCU protections, bypasses, dumping flashes on corroded devices, and how to interpret data.

Sobre Matias Sebastian Soler

Matias Soler is a Senior Security Researcher at Intel STORM team. Prior to that he worked for nine years at Immunity Inc where he has performed different tasks such as exploit development, reverse engineering, security research, and consulting. He has also taught trainings on binary and web exploitation. Matias has experience in both offensive and defensive areas within the information security field. He has previously presented at several international conferences such as Ekoparty, BlackHat Briefings and Infiltrate.