Juliano Rizzo (Security consultant and researcher)

The CRIME attack

We present a new set of attacks against old and new secure Internet protocols. Some of the most popular websites, browsers, and protocols are vulnerable. By vulnerable we meant the duo sitting next to you in coffee shops can get access to your emails, bank accounts, social networks, etc. We've worked with relevant parties to fix what can be fixed. We have a good news and a bad news for you. The good news is we've got working patches for most of the issues. The bad news is some of them might contribute to global warming. Let's upgrade and go plant some trees!

Sobre Juliano Rizzo

Juliano Rizzo has been involved in computer security for more than 12 years, working on vulnerability research, reverse engineering and development of high quality exploits for bugs of all classes. As a researcher he has published papers, security advisories and tools. His recent work includes the ASP.NET padding oracle exploit and the BEAST attack. Twitter: @julianor

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